About Us

The Ometa Management training institute, was formed in the year 2000 on the firm belief that today's corporate environment has an abundance of endless opportunities, in terms of career growth and what’s lacking is proper guidance, mentoring and the enrichment of skill sets in order for a single individual to propel him or herself to the top of the corporate ladder.

We aim to try to provide this self enrichment through a multitude of diverse training programmes tailor made to suit the need of it's participants. All of the training programmes offered strive to enhance an individual's knowledge and skills and overall help it's participant to become a polished diamond in his or her own field of work

Our panel of industry renowned and well seasoned lecturers are highly knowledgeable in their respective field of expertise and are more than capable of bestowing knowledge as well as in trend market practises to the participants ensuring that everyone learns something new with us.

At present the Ometa Institute conducts training workshops on a wide range of subjects, from Business English to Business management and venturing on to specialised courses in areas such as Supply chain and Business law. In future the institute will offer certificate, Diploma, Higher Diploma, BSc and MSc courses in a multitude of disciplines.

Slogan - "Endless Opportunities"